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Ronald Reagan's Presidential Commission on Industrial Competitiveness assessed the challenges America then faced regarding U.S. industrial competitiveness.

It turns out that private property rights foster human flourishing not only for individuals, but also for attaining a competitive industrial base.

This special project has produced a white paper that revisits the Young Commission's work, which gives helpful insights as we consider how best to regain American industrial competitiveness in the 21st century.

“Innovation contributes to U.S. competitiveness both in high-technology and in basic manufacturing industries . . . [and] is the most important key to U.S. industrial competitiveness.”

— Young Commission Committee on Research, Development, and Manufacturing

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"This is, without question, an enormously important document, and I hope it is one people in this room will read, read carefully, and get other people to read."

-- Robert Taylor, RPT Legal Strategies

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