“True liberty, by protecting the exertions of talents and industry, and securing to them their justly acquired fruits, tends more powerfully than any other cause to augment the mass of national wealth.”

— Alexander Hamilton, Defense of the Funding System


Criticism of MFN Price Controls Executive Order

The executive order directing ‘most favored nation’ drug price controls in Medicare Part B and Part D is even more radical than the reckless ‘international pricing index’ scheme. Neither MFN nor IPI does anything to force countries with government-run health systems to pay a fair market value-based rate for America’s newest medicines and vaccines. 


PTO Improves PTAB, Still Abused by Infringers

We are encouraged by PTO's recent steps to curb the marked imbalance of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board’s processes and practices that have contributed to the unreliability and reduced quality of issued patents. Congress should investigate how PTAB continues to be gamed through serial and parallel petitions against patents, which serves to disquiet title to exclusive IP rights. 


Ninth Circuit Reverses FTC v. Qualcomm

The Ninth Circuit’s reversal of the FTC and the district court is not only a victory for Qualcomm, which deserved to win, but also for IP exclusivity generally, property rights, American innovation and patent exclusivity for SEPs. 


White House Should Drop MFN Price Controls

More than 80 conservative groups call on the White House to ditch the "most favored nation" executive order importing foreign price controls on new medicines.  It destroys innovation, punishes patients and subjects "the land of the free" to the socialistic diktats of foreign governments. 


CMS Proposal for Medicaid Price Controls

Conservative groups ask CMS to pull a proposed rule that would dictate Medicaid's price for new and improved medicines by extending the agency's price controls to iterative improvements. These innovations come from R&D investment and won't occur with more government price controls. 


Praising NEPA Reform Final Rule

The Trump administration’s finalized National Environmental Policy Act regulatory reforms are a welcome rebalancing of property rights-based considerations, including fairness, equity and due process, while protecting the environment. 


Conservative Concerns With the SCRIPT Act

While we share the concern with reports about Chinese censorship of American films, this legislation would do more harm than good. Its remedy would have a negative effect on the interests of the U.S. military and artists'  freedom of expression. 


Opposing Government Expropriation of Copyrighted Journal Articles

A policy idea would require privately produced and funded peer-reviewed journal articles be freely available to the public immediately upon publication if they discuss any underlying research supported by a government grant. This would effectively eliminate the copyright protection that incentivizes and enables American scientific and medical organizations and publishers to invest billions of dollars in producing and disseminating high-quality peer-reviewed articles. 


Proposed PTAB Rules for Instituting Challenges of Patent Validity Claims

CPR supports PTO's proposed changes to PTAB’s institution rules, pursuant to the Supreme Court’s SAS v. Iancu opinion. Foremost, eliminating the presumption of viewing a patent owner’s testimonial evidence in the most favorable light to the petitioner represents a step toward fairness. 


Letter Supporting Rep. Massie's Restoring America's Leadership in Innovation Act

RALIA would strengthen private property rights in one’s inventions and discoveries.  The bill would go a long way toward reversing the antipatent trend of recent years. 

CPAC panel on patent property rights with, L-R, CPR Executive Director Jim Edwards, CPR member-Tea Party Patriots' Jenny Beth Martin and USPTO Director Andrei Iancu.

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