“True liberty, by protecting the exertions of talents and industry, and securing to them their justly acquired fruits, tends more powerfully than any other cause to augment the mass of national wealth.”

— Alexander Hamilton, Defense of the Funding System


CPR Briefing on Property Rights

This webinar, hosted by Conservatives for Property Rights, highlights how ownership rights relate to private property of every type. Keynote Speaker: Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-Wash.), House Chairman, Congressional Western Caucus.


Proposed Revisions to Regulations Implementing the Bayh-Dole Act

In previous comments, CPR has suggested Bayh-Dole needs few (if any) changes in either the law or regulation. While CPR views NIST's proposed changes as generally true to the framework, one proposal could upend Bayh-Dole's success.


Support for the Death Tax Repeal Act

CPR joined 154 organizations supporting the Death Tax Repeal Act, S. 617 & H.R. 1712, reintroduced by Congressman Jason Smith (R-Mo.) and Sanford Bishop (D-Ga.) and by Senate Majority Whip John Thune (R-S.D.).


Opposition to the PRO Act

Instead of fostering an environment of cooperative relationships between employers, workers, and labor unions, the PRO Act will  … do irreparable harm to our economic recovery at a time we can least afford it. 


Opposition to Neera Tanden's Confirmation to OMB

We respect and agree with the general principle that each chief executive should be afforded the privilege of appointing individuals of his or her choice to serve in the administration.  However, that principle assumes a reasonable level of an individual’s fitness for the office to which he or she is nominated.  Neera Tanden lacks such fitness. 


Supporting U.S. Senate Rights for Debate

Oppose abolishing the U.S. Senate's legislative filibuster. Such a move would effectively stamp out minority rights in the U.S. Senate and have irreparable, negative effects on our country. 


MFN Drug Price Controls Rule

The MFN model imposes government price controls that are certain to cause adverse consequences for millions of private U.S. citizens and important American entities.  It is not overstating things to say the MFN model will ultimately cost many Americans their lives, their health, and their livelihoods. 


Conservatives, on House Judiciary Antitrust Proposals, Favor Consumer Welfare Standard

The Majority Staff Report's recommendations would radically upend antitrust law from protecting consumers to punishing successful and innovative businesses. The GOP Third Way Report would lead to the same outcome as the Majority Report, as its proposals would create a license for ideologically-driven mischief, invite “creative lawyering” in court, and untether antitrust from a standard giving an objective and evidence-based framework for analysis.


CPR Comments on Discretion to Institute Trials Before PTAB

Institution of PTAB proceedings should not be a default setting, but a rules-based, focused, fair decision. The patent owner deserves the benefit of all that has gone into securing IP rights with a patent. A high burden of proof to reconsider and overcome them rests with challengers.  One administrative bite at the apple is sufficient for a faster, cheaper alternative to federal court. 


Free Market Groups' Support for PTO Dir. Iancu's PTAB Reforms to Improve Patent Reliability

In several recent cases, PTAB has exercised its discretion to deny launching new proceedings, such as when a challenge against the patent is pending in federal court. Congress must defend such strides the Trump administration has taken to restore balance in the patent system. 


Applauding Ninth Circuit's Denial of FTC's En Banc Review Request

The Ninth Circuit’s refusal to grant the Federal Trade Commission en banc review of that court’s ruling in favor of Qualcomm appropriately lets stand a unanimous appellate decision that respects dynamic competition involving IP. 


Favoring PTAB Deference to Article III Courts, Denial of Parallel Patent Challenges

USPTO Director Andrei Iancu has made several critical changes to the operations of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board that addressed some—but not all—of the unintended consequences of the America Invents Act, injecting more predictability, reliability, and consistency into the patent system. 


Opposing Defense Dept. Attempt to Nationalize 5G

Thank you for supporting the American competitive approach to 5G deployment, which is private sector driven and private sector led. We agree that nationalizing 5G and experimenting with untested models for 5G deployment is not the way the United States wins the 5G race. 


Ninth Circuit Reverses FTC v. Qualcomm

The Ninth Circuit’s reversal of the FTC and the district court is not only a victory for Qualcomm, which deserved to win, but also for IP exclusivity generally, property rights, American innovation and patent exclusivity for SEPs. 

CPAC panel on patent property rights with, L-R, CPR Executive Director Jim Edwards, CPR member-Tea Party Patriots' Jenny Beth Martin and USPTO Director Andrei Iancu.

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