“True liberty, by protecting the exertions of talents and industry, and securing to them their justly acquired fruits, tends more powerfully than any other cause to augment the mass of national wealth.”

— Alexander Hamilton, Defense of the Funding System

Budget Reconciliation & Inflation

H.R. 5376 will worsen the hidden "tax" of inflation, already reaching the highest level in 30 years.  Inflationary pressures will stem from the climate provisions, adverse effects on our mature domestic energy industry, government price controls that will stifle U.S. innovation and competitiveness, and massive new government spending.

Budget Reconciliation Drug Price Controls

Center-right groups wrote Congress expressing opposition to drug price controls from the radical H.R. 3 contained in H.R. 5376. The partisan budget package's price controls will harm patients and reduce innovation.

Opposition to Budget Reconciliation Tax Schemes

CPR joined 112 family business advocates urging congressional tax writers not to tax "phantom [capital] gains in any form, whether through unrealized gains at death or through the recently released mark-to-market approach."

The Restoring America's Leadership in Innovation Act

H.R. 5874, the Restoring America’s Leadership in Innovation Act, would strengthen private property rights in one’s inventions and discoveries. The bill would go a long way toward reversing the antipatent onslaught of recent years. RALIA would counter the sustained assault by courts, Congress, the Administrative State, and patent-infringer interests.

False Claims Act Amendments Concerns

S. 2428 is very likely to abuse property rights in serious, dangerous ways. The bill reverses the burden of proof to defendants, requires defendants to pay the government’s costs of response to discovery without reciprocal cost-shifting, makes it harder for DOJ to dismiss unmeritorious qui tam suits, and retroactively expands certain antiretaliation laws.

Legislative Returns PTAB to "Patent Death Squad"

Sen. Leahy’s "Restoring the American Invents Act" is the exact opposite of what needs to be done in patent policy. The Patent Trial and Appeal Board would be returned to full-strength "patent death squad," the tool of Big Tech for squashing property rights and would-be competitors.

Comments to Patent Office on Patent Eligibility Doctrine

The Supreme Court’s “Mayo-Alice Framework” has resulted in an untenable level of unpredictability and uncertainty for inventors and patent owners. Patent eligibility’s unpredictability puts meaningful property rights at grave risk.

Opposition to Estate Tax Hikes in Budget Reconciliation

CPR wrote Ways & Means to express strong opposition to any Death Tax or "double death tax" measures, including changing capital gains treatment at death, in House budget reconciliation package.

CAHC Oppo to Rx Price Controls in Budget Reconciliation

Broad coalition wrote Energy & Commerce voicing opposition to H.R. 3 Medicare Part D price controls in the multitrillion dollar House budget reconciliation package.

Opposition to Tax Hikes in Budget Reconciliation

More than 120 center-right groups wrote Ways & Means opposing any effort to raise taxes on American families and businesses.

Opposition to FY 2022 Budget Resolution

The FY 2022 Budget Resolution before the House combines massive new spending, confiscatory taxes, breathtaking wealth redistribution initiatives, and new federal debt that will cause great harm to all Americans. This represents a wholesale assault on property rights.

Support for RSC's Countering Communist China Act

The Republican Study Committee has crafted effective legislation in the Countering Communist China Act. Its comprehensive approach reflects the fact that America’s industrial competitiveness is at stake when adversaries can freely break the rules, conduct espionage and plunder American private property — especially patents and other IP.

Senate Judiciary Antitrust-Anti-IP Markup

Conservatives for Property Rights has serious concerns about S. 1425, Stop STALLING Act; S. 1428, Preserve Access to Affordable Generics and Biosimilars Act; and S. 1435, Affordable Prescriptions for Patients Act.  In their present form, CPR must oppose these bills.

Executive Order on Market Concentration

President Biden’s "trust busting" executive order is long on regulation and concentration of Big Government’s power, and short on constructive measures that promote competition.

FTC Withdrawal of Enforcement Guidelines

FTC’s significant shift away from bipartisan antitrust enforcement policy and giving only six days for public comment weaponizes and politicizes the agency’s enforcement decisions.

FTC Pharmaceutical Task Force

By applying uniform principles, objective economic criteria, and consistent legal standards in antitrust matters, U.S. consumers have benefited from the resulting competition, innovation, consumer choice, quality, and value.

EPA's Revival of an Overbroad WOTUS Rule

WOTUS — and its forthcoming cousin — amount to regulatory takings of private property. There’s no room in America for such regulatory abuse

Weaponizing Antitrust as Gov't. Price Controls

Lawmakers in both parties have latched onto antitrust as their weapon of choice for hobbling biopharma innovation. Ominous terms — ‘product hopping,’ ‘patent thicketing’ — mislabel common improvement found in every area of invention.

CPR Support for H.R. 3035 and S. 1683

The Preventing Foreign Attempts to Erode Healthcare Innovation Act would protect the intellectual property of American innovators of COVID-19 vaccines and therapies, tests and associated inventions from foreign expropriation via TRIPS waiver.

CASM Opposition to H.R. 3

The Coalition Against Socialized Medicine urges members of Congress to oppose price-setting schemes such as those found in H.R. 3.


CPR's Opposition to Biden Climate Plan

This letter, in collaboration with several other organizations, details CPR's opposition to Biden's "backdoor" climate plan.


CPR Briefing on Property Rights

This webinar, hosted by Conservatives for Property Rights, highlights how ownership rights relate to private property of every type. Keynote Speaker: Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-Wash.), House Chairman, Congressional Western Caucus.


Support for the Death Tax Repeal Act

CPR joined 154 organizations supporting the Death Tax Repeal Act, S. 617 & H.R. 1712, reintroduced by Congressman Jason Smith (R-Mo.) and Sanford Bishop (D-Ga.) and by Senate Majority Whip John Thune (R-S.D.).


CPAC panel on patent property rights with, L-R, CPR Executive Director Jim Edwards, CPR member-Tea Party Patriots' Jenny Beth Martin and USPTO Director Andrei Iancu.

Statements of Principles