“To be able to retain the fruits of one’s labor; to be able to see one’s work made permanent; to be able to bequeath one’s property to one’s posterity; to be able to rise from the natural condition of grinding poverty to the security of enduring accomplishment; to have something that is really one’s own — these are advantages difficult to deny.”

— Russell Kirk, The Politics of Prudence


We Won't Stop Coronavirus Without IP

The same U.S. government urging the same private industry whose intellectual property rights enable it to develop medical miracles to help is targeting American pharmaceutical firms with a number of IP-killing policy proposals. 


Defeating Davids: How America Promotes the God-Given Spirit of Innovation

We were born creative. We have a drive to bring order and to figure things out. Couple creativity with inherent ownership rights and you have a powerful dynamo for sparking inventive ideas and motivation to turn those ideas into useful form. 


What's at Stake in the Race for 5G Dominance

The United States and China are racing for dominance in 5G wireless connectivity. The R&D, the inventions, the technological standards and the commercial products developed and deployed in the coming months and years will determine whose inventions bring the world the next generation of wireless technology.  


True Innovators Need Secure Patents for R&D

Thanks to its R&D-patent licensing business model, dropped calls are much rarer and our phones help us get around with GPS, text, latch our homes’ locks, stream our favorite programs, monitor our cardio exercise and more. 


A Bipartisan Crach-Up That Will Delay Future Pharma Cures

Misinformation and false assumptions in the drug pricing debate have led liberals to embrace socialism and conservatives to forsake what should be conserved.  While America’s pharmaceutical industry will suffer dearly if politicians have their way, millions of patients hoping for cures for their diseases will surely be collateral damage. 

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